Some of his favourite pastimes include: cycling, skiing
(downhill and X-country) and snowshoeing, curling, and
antique furniture restoration. He enjoys live theatre and
loves “the Blues”, and is a particularly horrendous golfer. 


WINEMOVES      TORONTO, ON      +1 416 420 9229



After a distinguished career, establishing and building a large and successful
dental practice, David put away his dental tools and dove head-long into an
area for which he has had a life-long passion and enthusiasm; the world of fine wine.We could talk at great length about his remarkable achievements in
Clinical Dentistry and his extensive background and education, but he’d much
rather talk about his love of wine and what it means to him. His pursuit of a
Wine Masters certificate and his world-wide travel to the finest wine producing
regions of the world is no small evidence of his passion.

Involved in the food & wine industry for the past 25 years,
notably as founder of Wine World & subsequently of Wine
Guru Selections Inc. Enjoys jamming on the guitar, cruising
on his motorcycle, eating great organic foods and matching
them with fine wines, entertaining groups with his courses
on wine-therapy and cutting wood for his wood burning stove.

Neil Fortes is an Industrial Psychologist, psychotherapist, team builder and
mediator. He has been involved in training in the food and wine industry for
the past 25 years. Trained in South Africa, England and Canada, Neil has his
finger on international client needs in the hospitality industry. He brings an
individual motivational approach where the individual hospitality provider will
realize his or her full potential, involved in a team situation where a customer
is provided with the best service and attitude possible.